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Aluminum & Steel Security Doors

We have a full range of custom made aluminum and steel security doors made to suite your taste and budget. Our service includes measure, make and installation.

All Enkay security doors include the following features:

  • Door Frames are made of heat strengthened (Tempered ) Aluminum, which has deeper receiver channel for Grilles and Inserts unique to Enkay.
  • Grilles used are 7mm thick and riveted to the door frame according to Australian standard 5039.
  • Locks and cylinders used are 'Whitco' which has a seven year warranty.
  • Locks, Door Closures and Bug Strips are colour co-ordinated to the door Frame.
  • Optional features are the Oneway Vision Mesh, Tuff Screen, Paw Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh and Three points locking system.
  • Tuff Mesh or Stainless Steel Mesh is splined to the door frame and NOT riveted.
  • Sliding doors are made with heavy duty rollers, with interlock as standard.
  • Every door made and installed by us meets the Australian Standard 5039.
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We also supply a unique range of security doors with toughened safety glass inserts, with a variety of glass designs.

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Colonial Casting Security Doors

dove colonial door hawthorn

This decorative range of aluminium security screen doors and panels include an excellent choice of period and contemporary designs. Matching grilles are also available for entry door sidelights.

Security Grille

Security Grilles

Security Grilles are made from specially tempered Aluminum for greater strength and increased peace of mind. When combined with quality framing and hardware, Security Grilles offer good looking low maintenance protection for your home.

Also available in a variety of patterns and colours.