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Timber Venetians

Timber Venetians combine versatility and light control with the natural beauty of real timber. Suitable for period or contemporary decor.

Enkay Timber Venetians are available in varying blade widths (i.e. 25mm, 50mm, 60mm) and finishes:

  • Cedar Oiled Finish - slats have a natural matt finish penetrated by protective oils, which can be used to re-coat the blinds for regular maintenance.
  • Cedar Lacquered - slats have a smooth finish which is easy to maintain and can be wiped over if required
  • Timber look alike - are an increasingly popular alternative to timbers for their anti-moisture and fire-retardant qualities. The colour finish is right through the slats not just the surface so the edges look the same right throughout. They can be sanitized and can be immersed in water for cleaning with a mild detergent.
timber venetians

Aluminium Venetians

Enkay Aluminium venetians are available in 3 different slat sizes, ranging from the traditional 50mm slats, to the slimline 25mm, and 15mm micro slats.

They offer an affordable and flexible option for covering either very small or large windows, and are easily operated to allow different degrees of light control.

Aluminium Venetians